Digital Solutions for Cognitive Health Research

Innovation in digital health research, combining remote data collection, computerized cognitive testing, large-scale clinical trial delivery and research platform technology

  •  Accessible, scalable, affordable digital research
  •  85,000 participants recruited to clinical trials
  •  90% year-on-year participant retention
  •  Validated high-sensitivity computerized cognitive testing
  •  High security cloud-based database infrastructure


Computerised cognitive test system validated for sensitivity to clinical status, thresholds and trajectory.

Suitable for unsupervised at-home and in-clinic testing with broad device compatibility

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Remote clinical trials

Large-scale remote clinical trials with targeted recruitment, high participant retention, integrated dispensing and gold-standard data quality.

Suitable for nutraceutical, digital and low-risk interventions

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Digital research platforms

Bespoke platforms for data collection with participant engagement mechanisms, efficient scheduling, remote biomarker collection and high data security

Suitable for large-scale data collection and patient outreach

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